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I just wanted to talk a little about the season starting.I hope you all are ready for another wonderful season and boy do I think it is going to be a great one.

There is a lot of teams that are looking good already the steelers are going to have their hands full,But I believe they are up to the challenge.images (12)

The first thing that I want to mention is that our defense is solid and the offense looks pretty good too,The only thing we have to worry about is third down conversions if we can do that then I think we will be alright.images (5)

So let’s get our nfl apparel on and get ready for a very competitive year.And be rooting for you’re favorite team even if it isn’t the pittsburgh steelers. images (23)


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The first thing i want to talk about is being champions, Being champions means more than just winning games.I think that being champions means that you are willing to come together as a band of brothers despite the differences you may have personally,leaving all that behind and focusing on the team as a whole.images

And that is what the  pittsburgh steelers do,No matter what is going on in the locker room they always pull together as a team when they hit the field and give it all they have got to win.

I think that unlike the cowboys,bengals,etc.The pittsburgh steelers leave the personal issues in the locker room.Not bashing the other teams,but how many times have you seen the other teams fighting on the side lines,Now how many times have you seen the boys in black and yellow fighting on the side lines.It does not happen very often.images (5)

I believe that is one of the reasons that the steelers are so successful,Also i think that the high standards that the owners play a major role in the success of the team.

I would like for this blog to be involved so please feel free to chat whenever you want .For this is a community.I want you to make this site your own.

I also want to tell you that i am ready for football season to start,stairway to 7 (2)

I believe that this is our year goooo!!! steelers nation.HERE WE GO.images (2)

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Hi everyone thanks for visiting my site.

Today i just want to talk about the pittsburgh  steelers .images (2)

In my personal opinion they are the best team in the nfl,and it is not because of how good the team is (sure helps) but i really like the franchise. It starts with the rooney family and the high standards they hold their players to and their entire staff,coaches,etc.







I believe that high standards is the reason the steelers have won 6 super bowls and continue to be a strong competition in the national football league.images (1)

I know that this year will be tough with heath miller retiring,but i still think we will be a strong team we always pull together to win so i say hail the steeler nation for life.

Again i just want to say thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave a comment here and we can talk about the steelers also you can reach me at

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